Life happens while you’re figuring it out

It has been a while since I wrote. To those who have been interested in revisiting my site, I apologize for this lengthy delay. Even those of us whose Universe is fathomed regularly get caught up in its parts, and sometimes dwell to learn certain pieces longer than others along the way. Any of you […]

Reality – Where Do We Fit?

So many subjects to study in Life.  So many different methods and techniques to make our Lives work better for Us.  When things are not right do we simply scour the internet and pick and try different things in a never ending search for Truth and ‘fix me ups’?  In the wonderful Age of the […]

Featured Planet: Uranus in Aries

With Uranus moving into Aries on the heels of its opposition to Saturn something has to be noted here if we are not to be too surprised by the situations about to present themselves! Everyone who works with computers knows how fast things change.  Even IT specialists are not able to keep up with the […]

Featured Crystal : Citrine – Yellow

One of the must have’s in any chakra pack, the yellow cintrine centres and protects your solar plexus.  This means it centres You and protects You.  My catch  cry across all of Chakra Spinach – Centre Yourself and Approach Everything from this Centre of You.  In this way you are able to check what’s you […]

Featured Tarot – The Moon 18

Kabbalistically The Moon stands at no. 9 and is the Astral which is close to Earth.  Moving from Netzach or Hod we can come to terms with the shadow feminine before grounding our situation or we don’t have to.  The Moon, like the Feminine offers an Experience of Birth that is like peering into the […]

Being Overwhelmed What Can You Do?

How you deal with confusion will affect your ability to achieve what you want to achieve.   Feeling overwhelmed does too. When we feel confused we become frozen.  Action is halted.  Our cognition is sending us the message:  “Alert Alert – incoming data not recognizable” or “Alert Alert – incorrect use of processing.  Processing failure inevitable.” […]

Featured Crystal – Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite emits a high frequency vibration, and so it isn’t always obvious that it is actually doing anything at all.   Keep this crystal around you for a while and you will eventually note its protective and wellness qualities.   In my experience it works a little like Angelite so if you are used to this […]

Interview Broadcast for download

A big thank you to Connie and Charlie for inviting me to chat on “Stretch Your Mind” blog radio.    Connie and I chatted for about  an hour.   I know I harp on a lot about the importance of CONFIDENCE.  During this chat you’ll find out some of the reasons why embracing Confidence in yourself […]

Featured Planets – Jupiter and Saturn

As we read our mundane astrological meanings about Jupiter and Saturn it helps to understand where these planets are in our own charts and how they are interplaying in the house in which we are seeking to create.

Featured Oracle Deck – “Oracle of the Dragonfae”

Who are the Dragonfae?  If you have had experience with fairies and other nature spirits you will be surprised to find that the Dragonfae have a different energy.  Lucy describes them as : “…our strongest, most protective kin…”, those we were torn away from as “false beliefs and fears” took over.  And there is a […]